How to make a Jovid

How to make a Jovid

An attractive jovid (job video) might be the difference between engaging young talent looking for career opportunities or boring them. Here we’ll briefly explain some key items that make a great Job Branding video: ​


A Jovid is smartphone recorded, live, vertical and there’s no editing options. All of that emphasizes the reality behind the clip. Strengthen that feeling capturing a random moment in the office, speaking directly to viewers or asking a colleague an unexpected question. ​

Job branding:

Recruiting is not just about employer branding anymore, each time you post a Jovid you’re describing a certain position. Every job is different, so explain details thoroughly and create a visual experience for each one.


There are no better brand ambassadors to recruit someone new for a team than its actual members. Ask some of them to explain some parts of the job and its duties, the project and its impact… Or even let them make the Jovid!​


Not all workplaces are like Airbnb’s or Square’s, but surely yours has something special to it that makes it a great place to work at. Show it as it is: at the end of the day, that’s where the right candidates will spend most of their time. ​ ​

You, recruiter:

Speak clearly and be energetic while you record, and, why not, show yourself in some part of the clip! You play a role in the candidates’ first impression of the company brand. It doesn't matter if you're a recruiter or an early startup founder, use your #RecuitingPower. ​ These are some of our team’s ideas, but it will be your own creativity that will set you apart as you present jobs to new grads. Be original and… action!​