Why use video to connect with millennial talent?

​Video is the best format to show the day to day of your company in a transparent and fun way, and Millennials love it. Use Jovid's 30-second clip it to showcase your company and they'll be able to watch what makes it a great place to work!

Why let company culture speak?

​The search for talent is a very competitive landscape, and you have to make your employer brand stand out from your competition. Talent means winning.

Can I also get to know candidates better?

With Jovid, you have the chance of inviting candidates to apply through a 30 second live video explaining a bit about themselves and why they want the job you posted. You'll be able to see many traits that can't be seen on a resume, which will enable you to pick better candidates for the final interviews!

Why spend my time on recruiting?

Your team is the core of your company. It takes 30 seconds to record a jovid, and around 2 minutes to fill in the job description and requirements. ​If you think don't have 2.5 minutes to make awesome, talented people want to help you achieve your goals, think again!

How much is this awesome tool?

The first month of your subscription to Jovid is FREE. Yes, you heard it right: we let you try the app for free to see how it works and post your first job on the platform. We'll update information on our subscription plans soon.

Our beta app is coming out in a couple of weeks.

Sign up and we'll get back to you as soon as we release it!