Companies: Getting Started in 3 Simple Steps

Coming into a new platform can be challenging, and we want to help you throughout the whole process. Here we explain how to get started using your Jovid account and watching your first jovids. Game on!

1. Create your recruiter account

Once you download the Jovid app, tap "Sign Up" and then "Recruiter". Then, you'll be asked to fill in you Name, Email and Password, so we can ensure your account is kept safely, and to upload your company's logo, which candidates will see next to the jovids you post.

2. Write awesome job description and requirements

Before you get into the essential part of your job opening, the video, you'll be asked to fill in the "Description" and "Requirements" fields for the job. These will be read by candidates who like your jovid and want to know further details, so don't make them mainstream paragraphs filled with boring language. Talk about mission, career development options, common daily tasks and skills that you'll value the most amongst candidates who apply for the job.

3. Make the jovid

Now it's time to record the jovid. Keep it fun and transparent while you show some aspects of what the daily work there will be about. Check out our How to make a jovid guideline for awesome tips!