Candidates: Getting Started in 3 Simple Steps.

Coming into a new platform can be challenging, and we want to help you throughout the whole process. Here we explain how to get started using your Jovid account and watching your first jovids. Game on!

1. Create your account.

Once you download the Jovid app, tap "Sign Up" and then "Candidate". Then, you'll be asked to fill in you Name, Email and Password, so we can ensure your account is kept safely.

2. Choose location and rolez.

To be able to start watching job videos, choose the Location you'd like to find a job at (the hub you want to work at) and the role you're initially suited for (Software Engineer, Back-end developer, Sales, Recruiting...)

3. Watch the jovids and apply.

Now you're ready to start getting jobs automatically! You'll also be able to search for specific jobs you want. When a jovid interests you and so does the description and requirements, you may fill in your Jovid profile with your academic and professional background and apply with one tap! ‚Äč