What is Jovid?

What is Jovid?

Jovid is an app where companies looking for talent and people looking for jobs connect through video. Through these videos, companies show a job’s work environment, such as office space, teammates or projects in a 30 second vertical video that will be watched by job seekers interested in that mission, sector or field of work. They may also (but aren’t required to) ask candidates to introduce themselves through a 30 second video they will attach to their Jovid profile, where academic and professional backgrounds will be covered. Willing to embrace the rush of a startup job? Jovid lets you see what goes on inside a company on its day to day activities, making the job search fun & transparent!

How does Jovid work for companies?

When you download Jovid from your app store, you’ll be asked to fill in a quick register (name & email) and choose a Location and up to 3 Roles (Engineering, Marketing…) where you’d like to work (these can be changed later). Based on this information, Jovid will start showing you videos of open positions on the Jobs tab. You can also search for specific jobs on the Search tab. Once you want to apply for a job, you’ll be asked to fill in your profile with your academic and professional background.

Where can I use Jovid?

Jovid can be used on both Android and iOS mobile phones. If you have an Android phone, you can find Jovid in the Google Play Store. If you have an iPhone, you can find Jovid in the App Store.

Does Jovid have a Web version?

No. We believe the vertical video format is the best way for companies and candidates to connect, and that format can only be optimized for a great user experience on a mobile device.